Information security resources

LRQA has a number of resources to help you understand the organisational benefits of IT services and information security related management systems.

Our tools have been developed by our internal technical experts.Resources available for download include datasheets, brochures and independent research.


Information security

Safeguard your organisation from costly cyber attacks

Regulatory Compliance • Management Systems Assessment and Certification • Customised Training and Assurance

More than ever cyber security is on the Boardroom agenda. With almost 50% of organisations having to manage public scrutiny as a result of a security breach in 20161, businesses recognise that their potential exposure to cyber threats necessitates a robust cyber security framework underpinned with strong processes in place.

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Top 5 ways your employees get hacked and how to prevent them

Our reliance on the internet and data connectivity makes it difficult to imagine life without it. Research shows that on average we spend 6.7 hours a day online, and with the proliferation of the Internet of Things, chances are few of us are keeping pace with the information we share and how we share it.
LRQA cyber security experienced cyber security assessors collated together the top five ways employees can get hacked, and simple habits employees can implement to strengthen your organisation’s resilience to the threat of cyber attacks.

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