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Innovation Management System Training (TS-16555-1)

Innovation Management is the system by which organizations can foster a culture that supports the methodical management of human capital, information, and knowledge to transform new ideas into successful products, processes and services through a standardized framework based on the standard TS-16555-1.

Lean Six Sigma Full Certified Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Full Certified Green Belt training teaches the tools and techniques of process improvement within a structured methodology.

Journey to Excellence (EFQM)

This course will provide you with an introduction to the EFQM Excellence Model, including some examples of how the model is used and implemented in other organisations.

Leaders for Excellence (EFQM)

Understand and apply the EFQM Excellence Model within your working environment by using real application documents and simple effective tools. Participants will learn how to identify areas for improvement and adopt a structured approach to effectively address them.

Internal Assessor training (EFQM)

This 3 day course has been designed to prepare individuals to complete an internal assessment of their organisation. This training will help create the internal capability and skills to run a self-assessment program for your organisation. Participants will benefit from a one-to-one coaching and feedback throughout the training.

Kaizen Course on 5S

5S is a workplace housekeeping and organization method that renders the workplace very efficient, organized, clean and safe to work in. 5S applies to factory shop floors, offices, stores, hospitals, and other work areas.

Introduction to Kaizen

This course introduces Kaizen and describes how Kaizen could be used by everyone in the organization to eliminate waste, solve problems and make gradual but sustainable improvements.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Value stream mapping is a tool that is used to map the current state of a process and identify the inefficiencies, bottlenecks, quality problems, and delays that exist in a process.

التفكير الإبداعي وتنمية الابتكار في مجال الأعمال

تعريف بنظام إدارة الابتكار بناء على المواصفة 1-16555 وشرح متطلبات إنشاء نظام لإدارة الابتكار لتوفير نظام يدير وينظم عمليات الابتكار بطريقة مؤسسية وممهنجة ومعتمدة